Selling a home is not easy and it can’t be done overnight. To get the most of your selling, find the best price with less stress, effort and time. Let’s figure out some ways to preparing your home when it’s time to sell it.

  1. Know the value of your house in the real estate market.

More or less, homeowners have already the estimated price of their home based on the market’s value. What they do is make their own research to see the recent price. They join some open houses, receive fliers, and ask prices in the neighbourhood.

When it’s about time to sell their home, a stable market value should be applied. Market value refers to the price of your home based on the existing market value and buyers are prepared to pay for that price.  Ballantyne country club real estate

Finding a good real estate agent in your local area makes the initial step to selling. Agents can estimate precisely the best price of your home. An agent gets the chance to work with the homeowner and creates the right comparative market analysis (CMA).

Once the agent has walked through the home, he will give details on the latest comparable sales, plus his ideas on how much the home can be sold. Whether it is years or months away before selling your home, early processing makes more worthwhile in getting the best deal.

  1. Evaluate the working condition of your home.

Most homeowners treat their home as a plain family household where everyone lives and stays together. Once you want to sell it, your thoughts should be like that of a seller. Treat your home as a good product with all nice features to make it marketable. If you put these in mind, you will know that a cluttered room or dull flooring won’t give any attraction to buyers.

Make a bit of improvement for your home. With the agent’s suggestions and market analysis, any upgrading will fit your home. Improvement can be on some small things like cleaning the garage and re-organizing the storage room, or big things like repainting the main wall.

Most importantly, the general condition of the home should be considered. It pays consulting a property inspector who can check out the home. If there’s a need to replace the roofing, door or windows, there’ll be enough time to get it done. In the long run, you will save money and time. Knowing the early needs of the home for sale will result to a significant selling.

  1. Get the work done and schedule a deadline.

After fixing everything, work together with your agent and choose a date to list officially your home on the market. By then, your home must be properly set for photo capturing. The trend, nowadays, is putting some great images to impress the potential buyers. Several perfect photos are important in showing your home. If the home has already reached the market, it is there publicly for all potential buyers to view and explore on.

Two similar houses are still not the same. There are lots of bumps to encounter during the process. Red flags can even happen unexpectedly. To succeed in your house selling, early engagement with a real estate agent is helpful. Spend longer time and do all things out of diligence. If good preparations are involved, your home can be sold fast—and it comes with the right high price you want!


Buying a short Ballantyne Realtor sale or a foreclosure house can give you a perfect home with a low price. However, there may be hidden challenges you may not know beforehand. Issues may only come and appear during the process. Let’s find out if a short sale or foreclosure is the best decision to make.

Here are some guidelines

  1. Familiarize yourself with the procedure. Learn everything you want to know that concerns a short sale and foreclosure. It may require attending seminars and looking for further advice. Learning about the basics of real estate and the process involved will make you ready to start your journey.
  2. Seek some help from the experts. Buying a home, particularly the foreclosure and short sale, requires insights from the experts. These experts are experienced in buying and selling range of properties. Furthermore, those who specialize in this type of transaction have gone a long way in their career. They have the working experience with the local lenders and they know precisely about property deals.

The terms and conditions in buying are too tricky to understand by an average person who is not familiar with real estate. Agents can offer you a house and create a good price, but not reliable enough to offer you legal advice. Consulting a lawyer who specializes in real estate can understand all the tricks going on in the industry. A lawyer is the best legal consultant to approach.

  1. Consider what lies ahead the future. Talk about the negotiation with a long-lasting point of view. If you want a casual home, be sure you have the ability to pay regularly the mortgage. In case you don’t want to sell the house right away, pay your monthly obligation. Make a rough estimate of that house if you want to stay there. Appraise the possible cost in remodeling or fixing because it may hurt your pocket. It should properly fit both your budget and your way of living.
  2. Be flexible as much as you can. This type of house buying is far more difficult than purchasing a conventional house. Foreclosure involves some periods of waiting and the process varies depending on the state. On the other hand, a short sale selling takes some moths up to one year before all parties can agree with the terms, conditions and the price.
  3. Maintain all other alternatives open. Once you’ve known the cost of repairs and the taxes to pay, you may discover that the short sale won’t be the right deal for you. These days, there are available traditional houses for sale at reasonable prices. They are ready for occupancy and the new owner can move in right away. If you narrow down your choices in searching, you will get the kind of neighbourhood you want or the style of house you’re looking for.

When buying a house, avoid going through the foreclosure or short sale process by yourself. Pressures can be eliminated if you hire a real estate agent to work hand in hand with you. Along the way there will be issues that only a skilled agent can provide solutions. If the agent can’t, it’s good to hire the services of a legal lawyer.

Always have an open mind for all the other options possible. After buying the right house, it’s good to say “I don’t have any regrets getting a home for my whole family.”

February 2015